It is not Yoga; it is Yog

With International Yog  Day coming up, everybody is all set to practice different aasans  just for this very day, and then forget it until the next International Yog Day. Also, why say “Yoga”? That is not how it should be pronounced. It should be pronounced and written as “Yog”. It is the western part of the world, which has changed it. Being Indians, we are great at aping what others do. Similarly, Lord Ram has become Lord Rama. These nouns are not a part of the English language. They are Sanskrit terms. Let us at least uphold the sanctity of this ancient language as well as our country.

Coming to Yog, we all know how important it is and why one should practice it.  However, it is emphasised that it should be done early in the morning, like at 5 or 6 am. This is where we think, “I cannot get up that early.” If you can’t, it is perfectly alright. You can practice it anytime, provided you have an empty stomach. There are no hard and fast rules.

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