The Wonders of Tulsi

The miraculous healing power of Tulsi has always been known to people but many of them are not consuming it. India and its plethora of healing herbs have pulled in worldwide enthusiasm. 

Many of you have planted this plant in your galleries or balconies. But do you really know, to what extent this plant can benefit you and have an enormous impact on your health?

Tulsi is a perfect amalgamation of Rama, Krishna and Vana—three of the purest forms of Tulsi. 

And it’s very simple to consume. You can consume it in the form of teabags or capsules.  

Tulsi is a potent adaptogen and helps your body adapt to stress better. Rich in antioxidants, it helps eliminate toxins from the body that cause free-radical damage to cells. Being an effective immunomodulator, Tulsi helps fortify the immune system and is effective in relieving common cold, cough & other respiratory health disorders.

Health is the greatest blessing we receive, but maintaining it is in our own hands. 

Together, let’s heal the world.