Awakening Indians: An initiative by Organic Wellness

“Awakening Indians” started as an internship project, but today it is one of the main projects for Organic Wellness.

As we are associated with the farmers, the idea behind Awakening Indians is to educate their children, as their family means our family. A typical day here does not mean rigorous lessons in the classroom. Our day consists of drawing, reading, writing, watching cartoons and playing sports. These activities develop creativity, focus and thinking ability. They are also fun ways of learning. These kids are extremely enthusiastic, punctual and avid learners. You will not believe how many things you can end up learning by spending time with them!

Together, let’s heal the world

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Which energy are you? Wind, fire or water?

Most of us prefer taking medicines, which provide instant relief. But some of those medicines have side effects in the long term. But we usually deal with it by “yeah we’ll see” or “haan yaar dekha jayega“. Similarly Ayurveda has pros and cons as well. It works slowly. But it makes the immune system very strong. The first image that comes to our minds when we speak of Ayurveda is different kinds of herbs. It is important to understand that an Ayurvedic lifestyle includes exercising and a healthy diet, not just taking herbal supplements. Don’t expect Tulsi to work if you eat pizza almost every other day in front of the television. Things don’t come that easy after all. It’s a balance of all the body energies. According to Ayurveda, every person has a different energy or dosha. It has a physical and an emotional aspect.

First, Vata, which is Sanskrit for wind, takes care of breathing and circulation. It enhances creativity and keeps the body active. This person is often stressed and fears to take a different path.

Second, Pitta, which is Sanskrit for fire, takes care of digestion and maintains the body temperature. This kind tends to be hard working and driven but can lose their temper easily.

Third, Kapha, which is Sanskrit for water, boosts the immune system and nourishes the organs. People dominant with this energy are supportive and loving but often insecure and lazy.

Have you found your dosha yet?

Together, let’s heal the world

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Traditional home remedies can do wonders!

We all remember our grandparents or parents reminiscing, “when we were young, we spent most of our time outside playing. There were no computers or video games” or “we were much more active and healthier”. Well, they are not wrong. With the advancement in health and medical facilities, new diseases have started spreading. Certain traditional remedies can never be replaced. People in India always had a habit of waking up with the sunrise, exercising in the morning, drinking 3-4 glasses of water, et cetera. There was some or the other logic behind it. Before, if somebody caught a cold, there were simple home remedies which helped to feel better. For example having a spoon of honey and ginger, drinking herbal tea or kada (which is mixture of different herbs or decoction). Before sleeping, people drank a glass of hot milk mixed with turmeric powder instead of cocoa to boost immunity. Turmeric has many benefits. It can be applied on the wounds, and it helps in reducing inflammation and pain. It also tackles diabetes and arthritis. It’s good for the skin a well. Sounds like a magical all-rounder spice to me.  

Together, let’s heal the world

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