Moringa: The All-in-One Leaf

How often does a doctor tell us, “You have a deficiency of these vitamins. I suggest you take these pills once everyday for 2 months and then come back for a check up.” What if there was a simpler way? Why take pills unnecessarily which may or may not have side effects. Let’s go back to out traditional Indian roots to find the answer.

Moringa leaves.

Or popularly known as drumstick leaves. Yes, those sticks that we occasionally remove from our sambhar. That must have rung a bell. The leaves are more beneficial than the sticks. It is the best nutritional supplement. You must be wondering if it’s so nutritious why isn’t it used or widely popular? Well, it tastes bitter. So you can’t cook the leaves and eat it as a salad. But there is an alternative. There’s no need to consume many leaves altogether. You can get the leaves in powdered form. All you have to do is add 1 tsp in your yogurt, smoothie, salad, curry etc. It will no longer taste bitter and you will also get your required nutrients. Sounds easy enough?

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