Germs are not always at fault for our illness

Most of us blame the germs when we fall sick. That may not be always the case. Sure, maintaining a proper hygiene is important, but the state of our mind also plays a major role in our lifestyle. For instance, we all have a friend who is “on a diet”. But the moment they go for a cheat meal, we have to listen to their guilt and rants. Turns out, if you feel guilty because you were trapped by a slice of chocolate cake, you are more likely to gain weight. But if you cherish that delicious, soft and moist slice with no regrets, you are more likely to be happy (this doesn’t mean you can devour one everyday). Similarly, people who worry too much about hygiene, are more likely to fall ill. The focus has to be on boosting your immunity and  maintaining a good diet, not on the germs which are everywhere and can’t even be seen.

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