*Awed by a movie star* Damn, I wish I could look like that

Flat stomach, thigh gap, toned legs

6 pack abs, biceps, muscular shoulders

We all look at these gorgeous people in movies, magazines, social media and have this dire need to look like them. Aren’t we fooled? Nobody can look like that. Unless you starve yourselves. Yes, that is what they do. They lose weight temporarily for that particular scene of the movie. They’re on juice diets, fruit diets for a week or so. Instead of trying to attain bodies which are not possible, why not focus on staying healthy and fit? Just drink enough water and exercise daily.

Here’s a trick. All you need to do is take out 20 minutes thrice a week. First, do jumping jacks for 30 seconds (as fast as you can) then just walk at the same place for 1 minute 30 seconds. In 20 minutes, this routine can be done 10 times. Violà! Calories burnt. The logic behind this is simple. Animals, for instance, a tiger doesn’t do any exercise to remain fit. But when they hunt, they run at full speed for a couple of seconds. And the deer tries to run away as fast as it can from the tiger. So we don’t need to work out for hours to remain fit. Leave that to the body builders and fitness enthusiasts.

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