Organic food reduces toxicity in our body

People go back and forth discussing why organically grown food is good for us and why we should consume it. The question which remains unanswered is, “how does organic food reduce toxicity in the human body?”.

A study was conducted where adults were asked to consume only organic food for one whole week. After the tests were done, the results showed that the level of toxic waste in the body had dropped by 89% . Now that is a pretty significant and big number. This toxicity is an Organophosphate pesticide or just OP Pesticide. It can lead to problems in growth, fertility and development of the body. It can cause autism (a mental condition where forming relationships becomes difficult) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a condition which affects concentration power and focus) in the offsprings.

Sounds like a good reason to eat organic food, eh?

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Quinoa can overcome the problem of droughts!

Droughts in the central and western part of India have been an unresolved issue for many years. The monsoon season has not blessed these regions with adequate rainfall leading to scarcity of water for agricultural and domestic purposes. The funds allocated to develop mitigation strategies have not been used efficiently. The gap between the problem and the solution is still at large. However, there still is a ray of hope. But what is this “ray of hope” which can benefit the farmers? Can you think of a crop which requires minimum water to grow? I am sure most of us would probably come up with wheat. But this crop needs the right temperature and about 12-15 inches of rain. How about Quinoa? This cash crop can adjust with any kind of soil, temperature and has minimum water needs. Organic Wellness is providing the seeds of this crop to end the suffering of the farmers community. They are an important part of the OW family and will get help no matter how adverse the situation is.

We have been covered by The Times of India which is one of the most prestigious dailies of the country. For your convenience, the article has been reproduced in this blog post.

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Don’t be Monica because there are no “safe solvents”

The general perception that being obsessively clean (which means being like Monica from the TV Series Friends) is a good thing has to change. Cleaning solvents put your health at risk. Not just by direct contact with the skin. It’s a chain you see. Let’s say one day you decide to clean your balcony with lavender fragranced soap/cleanser. Now that gets mixed with the water which is then absorbed by the soil. That very soil of the kitchen garden which grows your “fresh fruits and vegetables”. Eventually, you end up consuming some savoury dish made out of those ingredients. So in the end who is at loss? Too obvious to answer, but it is the person who consumes that dish.

So what can be the solution?

Here’s a thought, instead of cleaning every day with Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide, why not use a plain dry mop? Or with water (if the place is that messy). Or maybe just reduce the usage of solvents to once a week, once in two weeks, whatever suits best.

I am sure all the people who hate cleaning must be feeling pretty good now.

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Not just humans, organic farming supports all species!

Let’s not be selfish by thinking of just the mankind. There are many other species who reside with us on the same land. We are all a part of the same food chain, remember? This practice of agriculture encourages biodiversity. It preserves the natural habitat for all the fauna. If they are healthy, they naturally become pest controllers. No need to hire pest control now. So farmers can save money on that note. On the other hand, fertilisers support the growth of algae blooms, a.k.a red tide, which release toxins for microbes in the soil. This results in infertility of the soil. Sometimes it can turn the colour of water into red (now you know why it is also called ‘red tide’). Although, algae is considered a vital part of the food chain, this kind is rather deadly. So let’s do what is in our control and try our best to avoid fertilisers and pesticides.

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How about a slice of “organic” Red Velvet Cake?

From time to time, we all ache for a rich, creamy and buttery slice of red velvet cake. Funny thing is, this dessert does not have its own flavour. It is just red food colouring. How about we replace this food colouring with a natural agent? Say beets or raspberries. Just boil them and get natural colouring. These are more friendly for your dessert and your body will be grateful to you. Synthetic colouring can cause allergies, bladder cancer and brain tumours. Now you can enjoy that cake without getting worried about how it can harm you……except the calories maybe. For orange, you can use carrots. This veggie gives a deep orange colour. Yellow can be made by using turmeric or saffron flowers. Normally, we do not use green food colouring but spinach will get the best results. For blue and purple, you can take red cabbage, blueberries or blackberries. All these tactics make your food look and taste beautiful. And if you choose organically grown vegetables, even better! You’re in for a healthier lifestyle.

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Why organic?

Let us go straight out with this. Organic is the way ahead. With Organic Wellness you can be rest assured that we believe that organic is indeed the way forward. The next and the main question is, why should we choose organic products? We should choose it because it’s a healthy and a much viable option. It can be the next big thing in the world if you want it to be.

How do you get it to be the next big thing?

It’s simple.

Consume organic fruits and vegetables. It will help you in the long run and as a matter of fact, who will not want to be healthy?

Organic farming is another thing which pops up in the mind. Not using the pesticides and insecticides will do the world a whole lot of good.

Basically all of you will have an idea by now. The idea being, choose wisely. Give it a nice thought. Think about both the sides. What is good in this and that as well as bad in this and that.

And at the end of the day, life is shaped by the choices you make. Good or bad, it’s your choice.

Choose wisely.

Mayuk Kumar

The writer is a student at Jindal Global Business School. 

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Awakening Indians: An initiative by Organic Wellness

“Awakening Indians” started as an internship project, but today it is one of the main projects for Organic Wellness.

As we are associated with the farmers, the idea behind Awakening Indians is to educate their children, as their family means our family. A typical day here does not mean rigorous lessons in the classroom. Our day consists of drawing, reading, writing, watching cartoons and playing sports. These activities develop creativity, focus and thinking ability. They are also fun ways of learning. These kids are extremely enthusiastic, punctual and avid learners. You will not believe how many things you can end up learning by spending time with them!

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