If it takes time, it’s worth it

Waiting is a pain.

Whether it is for your cab, pizza or even for the movie to start in the theatre (seriously, too many trailers these days).

But in a few cases, it’s worth it.

Most of us prefer taking pain killers/drugs which provide instant relief. Indian Herbs such as Tulsi, Neem, et cetera, take a lot time to show effect. Who has the time?

But in the long term, pain killers will have side effects such as nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea, muscle spasms, et cetera. You will also lose the ability to react quickly. It can also lead to cardiovascular issues.

However, Indian Herbs will only heal you and make you stronger.

What would you choose?

A future with problems or a future with vigour?

The decision is yours to make.

Together, Let’s Heal the World

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