Organic food reduces toxicity in our body

Organic products

People go back and forth discussing why organically grown food is good for us and why we should consume it. The question which remains unanswered is, “how does organic food reduce toxicity in the human body?”.

A study was conducted where adults were asked to consume only organic food for one whole week. After the tests were done, the results showed that the level of toxic waste in the body had dropped by 89% . Now that is a pretty significant and big number. This toxicity is an Organophosphate pesticide or just OP Pesticide. It can lead to problems in growth, fertility and development of the body. It can cause autism (a mental condition where forming relationships becomes difficult) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a condition which affects concentration power and focus) in the offsprings.

Sounds like a good reason to eat organic food, eh?

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