Sorry, can’t drink tea. I am on a diet.


I am sure we must have heard this statement like a hundred times. People who want to lose weight restrict themselves, or at least try their level best, from consuming calories.  Most of them prefer switching to herbal tea since it increases the body metabolism and burns fat. Fat oxidation increases, reduces risk of getting cancer, boosts immunity, helps to concentrate, brings down sugar level, lowers chances of heart disease, et cetera. So is there a need to exercise? Why not just consume herbal tea like 10 times a day? Well, if only things were that easy. Green tea does help, but it is vital to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. But if you crave for a bar of chocolate, after all who does not, here’s a way to devour it without feeling any guilt. Just have it immediately after you work out, or an hour before you work out. Because that’s when your metabolism is high and it burns the calories instead of storing it as fat. Life just got easier.  So you exercise, drink herbal tea and maybe cheat sometimes by breaking the no-junk-food rule.

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